Garmin VivoFit 4 problems?

New here! I got a VivoFit 4 on January 27th. Wore it for about three days when I noticed it was glitching. It was missing steps. More accurately I would, for example, have 4000 steps logged and then be walking and see that my VivoFit would suddenly have backed up and say I only had 3800 steps. This happened a few times. Then I started noticing the blue triangle widget would flash on the screen and then leave. I would also lose information when I synced with my tablet. Not all the time, but enough of the time that it was a pain. On day 6 I had enough and called Garmin. They suggested I return the item to them. I did.

I bought another VivoFit 4 and have only had it one day and it's losing steps already. I had synced an hour ago and had 9427 steps. I just went for a walk around the office and look at the tracker and it shows 9134 steps. I'm pretty sure I didn't walk backwards! ;)

I'm having a HARD time believing that a reputable company like Garmin could possibly have produced not ONE, but TWO pieces of crap called the VivoFit 4 so I am wondering if I am missing something. Am I doing something to make this happen? Perhaps someone could chime in with some advice, etc.

All I want is for the tracker to accurately count my steps and not be losing steps on a regular basis.

Thanks in advance!
  • Hi, do you happen to have more than one device? are you wearing both at the same time? If so, which device is your "preferred" device in GC? This could be the reason for what you're seeing but I'm not sure.
  • My Vicodin 4 no longer records my sleep stats!
  • Another anecdote: a Vivofit 4 bought recently for a family member was all sorts of glitchy. Problems included:
    • Missing sleep tracking on random nights.
    • "Zero steps" shown, despite MoveIQ detecting a multi-mile walk. (ergo: steps were tracked but somehow not passed along to Garmin Connect as steps...?)
    • Randomly self-factory-resets - instead of a "sync" option, it goes back to "pair", as if it were never used before or someone had factory reset it
    I've trouble-shot and the problem doesn't *seem* to be either the paired Android device used to sync, nor user error - just seems like a defective Vivofit 4.

    He's temporarily using a loaner Vivofit 3 now that isn't having any of the same issues.

    I'm planning to get another VF4 for him - we'll see how that one does.
  • My family member is on device number 2 now - the first one wouldn't stay connected (either via ANT+ stick, or Bluetooth) and was regularly resetting itself. Replacement (touch wood) is working.

    It seems like Garmin may have quality control problems with the Vivofit 4.
  • I’ve emailed Garmin several times, as I also am having problems with VF 4. Customer Service sucks.
  • ...aaaaaand VF4 number two is now acting up for my family member.

    I see there's a software update available for it but it won't even sync/stay connected.

    EDIT - took a while but an update to Garmin Connect Mobile and the VF4 were needed. It's syncing again, though sync being completely broken pre-update seems like a glaring flaw.