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vivoactive 4 (all versions) SW 5.10

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log

  • Improved sync speed with Garmin Connect Mobile
  • Improved translations
  • Added access to detailed activity information from the Last Sport widgets
  • Various bug fixes for golf and club sensors
  • Increased maximum pool size
  • Improved CIQ Data Field power management and error handling
  • Fixed gesture handling for CIQ watch faces
  • Fixed handling of disabled cards in Garmin Pay
  • Improved NFC stability
  • Added a stopwatch reminder
  • Fixed rowing speed data field
  • This doesn't show up in Garmin Express for me... is this because it is "phased rollout 20%"? I'm having massive issues trying to re-pair my 4s to garmin connect. Tried everything (restarting both phone and watch, resetting watch, uninstalling reinstalling connect, ensuring device is not paired via bluetooth to phone) nothing works!!! Have been in contact with garmin but not really helping :(

  • Will we be seeing Native FirstBeat Sleep metrics on the Vivoactive 4 range any time soon?

  • Maybe Former Member have some news?

  • Is there any way to download this manually from the downloads section and copying update file to watch? The SW 5.00 broke my phone BT connectivity and I desperately need it back.

  • Well, this update broke something with Notifications.

    My watch face glitches out sometimes when I get a notification. Occasionally, the notifications I get make my watch face go black and have only the seconds graphics show.

    Now when the notification banner appears, and I tap it, nothing happens. (My setting is set to have notifications "actionable")

    This update also doesn't update notifications bug for Short, Medium or Long durations. Notifications still all take the same time (around 30sec) to disappear.  

    • Added a stopwatch reminder ???

      What is that? Who even uses the stock stopwatch? A fairly fundamental feature of a stop watch is to have split second timing. Whats the point of Garmin's stopwatch feature anyway if it only shows seconds at its highest resolution? 
  • "No notifications" screen is now the ugliest thing i've ever seen

  • "No notifications" screen is now the ugliest thing i've ever seen

  • This update happened for me this morning. Now bluetooth connection to my phone is super flaky, mostly not working.

    Annoying. Obviously not very thorough testing.

    Can I roll back to an earlier version? Prior to this bluetooth worked reliably.