Vivoactive not pairing with jaybird Vistas anymore

I brought this up a few months ago when there was a new firmware.  I've not updated anything since then, but in the last few weeks, my Jaybird Vistas pair for just a few minutes, then unpair.  volume controls also don't work on the watch (they never have).  @Garmin, any ideas or fixes here?  I've confirmed that the headphones connect successfully to multiple comptuers and my phone, so I've isolated the problem to the watch itself

  • I am able to pair the watch with another bluetooth speaker and another set of headphones.

    This was not an issue for the past two years (though there were intermittent dropouts sometimes), except for this summer, when the watch would suddenly drop connection.  I believe I posted on the forum at that time too.  As of this morning, the watch will not pair with the Vistas at all.    Is there any resolution?

  • Okay, thank you for trying an additional pair. We are aware and there is a case regarding these headphones and their compatibility with our device, I will add you to this case, but at this time I do not have an update. 

  • I've had the following back from a Jaybird representative after asking them if they're familiar with a case being raised:

    I appreciate your time and sharing the information. I would like to inform you that it could be a compatibility issue with Garmin watch. I can see that issue arises mostly with Vista headset. I would like to inform you that it could be that Garmin software is not compatible with Vista software. I do not see any issue with Vista headset. 

    I do apologize for the inconvenience which you have experienced. 

    Have a feeling this will never be resolved..

  • The interesting thing is that it did work.  For the first year and a half ish, I had no problems at all.  It was just summer 2020 when connectivity started falling out.  Then again just about a month ago.  I've used them happily together for many hours before.

    I work at a company that makes its own hardware and software that has to communicate with other hardware ans software.  I understand that it's hard to get it to talk to each other, but this is insane at this point.  The point of getting a garmin was to make exercising easier.  Instead, it's become a chore-- I'm frustrated before I even leave the house.  What makes it worse is that I'm clearly not the only one in this position. 

    @Garmin-Isabella, you've mentioned that you're aware and there is a case, but being aware doesn't mean taking action.  Is there any actual action being taken to address the issue?  Was there any cause that made connectivity suffer (I did not personally update either the headphones or the watch when it started cutting out)?  What are your people doing to try to integrate and improve the experience of many of your customers?

  • @JRich I have found a potential workaround for the time being, trying this last night seemed promising:

  • Hi Isabella,

    Are there any updates here?  My headphones are again disconnecting, and I've verified that the connection is stable from the watch to other devices, and from the headphones to other devices.

    Now that the Jaybirds Vista 2s are out, is there an update on getting a more solid compatibility?  I work at a tech company, and for something to be ~2 years in the making is egregious when it's a firmware problem.