Watch Broken Where the Band Connects To The Case

18 months after purchase I basically have a fitness tracker that I have to tape to my wrist or pin to my shirt…Sitting at my desk the other day my VAM3 just fell of my wrist.  Thought the band just came undone.  Nope one of the 4 band contact points is broken off.  After closer inspection there are small cracks on the remaining 3 points of contact.  Sorry but, these devices are way too expensive to be rendered useless after 18 months of wear.  While I wear it nearly 24 hours a day, it hasn’t been abused, I sit at a desk all day long, run with it most mornings/evenings and take it on the occasional swim.  I’ve had cheap plastic Timex watches that have lasted literally a decades!

Very disappointed because this watch did everything I wanted a watch to do, except last.  I reached out to Garmin via messenger as others suggested, no response yet…Apparently this isn’t unique to my watch or even the VAM3, there are many complaints from customers having the same issue on Vivoactives and Forerunner models.  I hope they fix this flaw and make a watch that will actually last, until then I won’t be buying another Garmin.