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Skin irritation due to stock band

Hi All,

I have been experiencing weird skin peeling and rashes from my Vivoactive 3 stock rubber band. This is really strange to me, as I've always worn my watches 24/7 (various standard watches with rubber, metal and leather bands, a Pebble watch (Steel model with leather band), another Pebble (Time, rubber band). Never had any issues.

I've switched wrists and I would start getting the same kind of rash and peel within 3 or 4 days. Tried to report and consult with Garmin support, but their support number informed me that the wait time is over an hour and I really have better things to do than that.

I've been wearing a third party leather band from Amazon for the past week or so and havent had issues yet, but I am somewhat upset with spending $300 on something that is supposed to be extensively tested against issues like that.

Has anyone else experienced those issues?

P.S - Over the last two months I've read through the recommendations, such as wearing it loose, etc. Results are mostly the same.
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    but I am somewhat upset with spending $300 on something that is supposed to be extensively tested against issues like that.

    It has been tested. You're probably part of a group that may consist of less than 1% (I'm speculating of course) compared to units sold using the the watch band material that Garmin uses for their devices. If you like the device, your best bet is to try an alternative band which uses different materials.
  • vesoganev Please contact our Product Support ( teams for assistance. We will need to be in direct contact with you as we take this very seriously and will work to find the best resolution for you.

    TMK17 is correct that an incredibly small percentage of users see skin irritation, but this does not change the fact that we take this very seriously. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • I just got a vivoactive 3 and this is happening to me as well.  I've had a Vivoactive and forrunner35 and those did not affect me.  The vivoactive 3 is like it's rash/burn/allergic reaction.

  • Personally, I have had similar difficulties.  It seemed to be related to having the strap slightly too snug.  Loosening it up one notch allowed for better air flow around the strap and solved my problem.  Hopefully others find this helpful.

  • I have the same thing going on with me. seems better if loose, but then HR isn't quite so good. 

  • This has been my only real complaint about the vivoactive 3. In addition to itching and peeling, the wrist wearing the watch also gets an odor. After reading the comments, I'd say it's more than 1%....

  • I have similar problems with the band, which I never had with Fitbit or apple watches. My skin goes red, feels like it is burnt, then will blister and peel off. I switched to a 3rd party strap from amazon which has helped. 

    I did give it a fair chance in my opinion. I wore it looser, washed it every day, removed when sleeping and showering. I always had the same result though so eventually swapped it out a couple of weeks back. 

  • I have had the same problem with the rubber band. If I take it off daily and wash the inside of the band and also my wrist, the problem seems to be solved. And with "daily" I mean daily. If i skip the cleaning process for one day I am back to same problem.