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Vivoactive 3 music won't log into Deezer

Just bought a Vivoactive 3 Music due to Deezer integration. I've got it all set up, WiFi seems connected as it says 'transfer complete' whenever I connect the WiFi. I put Deezer on it and I went to sign in. When I go to sign in, the box pops up in the app, allowing me to enter my Deezer Premium account details which I've done correctly. Going into my Deezer account online, I have checked and the Garmin app has been given permission. However the watch just says there are problems signing into Deezer. I'm not the only one given the reviews today on the app within Garmin Connect.
Any ideas. I only bought it for this and it's going back if it won't work. This is junk!

  • More than a month has passed, sad to see that we do not even have an update about when this will be solved
  • yep, Total silence, I guess they may have realised that this is a total shambles (for the rest of the world, not US).
    in the meantime, and due to the lack of communication on both side, new users for who music is important are disappointed and returning their watches and cancelling their subscription...
    Poor support and poor communication always translate in loss of revenue and reputation, which, according to this forum, Garmin doesn't really care about!

    A mere confirmation that they have isolated the cause of the issue by their own thorough testing (not user testing!) and an ETA for fix will suffice to correct that...
    Communication is a key of any successful customer support and brand development...

    No communication, does that mean that they will drop the issue (if they haven't already done that) and hope people will forget about it?
    Users should log defect with the "official" support channels (online chat etc) and report back here on this thread.
  • Interesting to see that Deezer doesn't list Garmin as part of their supported wearable devices

    Fitbit, Apple Watch and Android Wear are listed, no GARMIN
    I also had a quick look into their news and blog and couldn't find any announcement of Deezer support on Garmin device (they do have a set up guide though!)

    Does that means that Deezer didn't want to be on Garmin as they know it is not working?
    Again, one of their community manager just confirmed a few minutes ago on their forum that they have a problem with Garmin devices...
    at least THEY communicate with their community unlike Garmin...
  • We will be closing this thread due to the 3.30 update being released at 100%. for all users. If anyone is seeing this same symptom with the latest update and walking through the setup steps again, we will escalate this immediately. We are only closing this thread for a cleaner discussion with the most up to date software version.

    Thank you all for your patience. We understand that this has been a negative experience and we apologize for the inconveniences this has caused. The lack of communication has not been because we do not care, there are just issues that sometimes take time to resolve. Tracking down the exact cause of this was difficult even though many users were seeing the same symptom.

    Thank you again for your understanding.