Altitude is very incorrect


Since v3.30, altitude seems to be incorrect, showing very crazy values, sometimes very high, sometimes negative ones.
After I've factory reseted the device, it appeared to be corrected. But after I performed a walk, with GPS online, it seems that the values got wrong again.
It also seems to be impacting in the floors (stairs) counting).
Could it be another bug?
  • Hi, can you advise if this issue us resolved or not. I'm going yo purchase one but if this fault is still common I'll end up returning it and I'd rather know in advance please. 

  • same issue here - floor counting is always off by typically 50% as well.

  • Yesterday my apartment in Amsterdam was at altitude 400 metres. Could be correct because I'm on the 8th floor. Today, according to Garmin, my apartment is only at altitude 60 metres. Now I know that Holland is a flat "low-country", and sometimes we get that sinking feeling over here! But really...really? Garmin, come on now, give us all a helping hand. A fix is long overdue!! Cheers

  • Hi Garmin,

    This doesn't seem to work for a number of people for the VA3 as shown by this thread. There seems to be an issue with either the device hardware, software or the design of the ports on the underside of the device.

    If you can't fix this issue, can you at lease enable an option to use automatic evelation correction for activities by the VA3 in Garmin connect? It is off by default because it contains an altermetre and I can only change it per activity, and then ony using the website and not the app.

    If there was an option in garmin connect to autocorrect the evelation using gps data I am sure its would be so much of an issue for many people.

  • I’m in the same boat as everyone else. My vivoactive 3 is way off. On a run my watch will think I ran mt Everest in half a mile and then pancake flat. Bike ride total elevation is always off (high) by a few thousand feet. The past few rides and runs say I’ve done 0ft elevation gain. I’ve tried the auto calibration multiple times, and made sure the ports are not gunked up, but nothing seems to work.

  • Same issue...has it for just over two months, was fine at first and now elevation and ascent readings are crazy when out walking! Really frustrating. Thinking of it returning it as faulty

  • I would return it for a new watch or a better model.  Mine worked perfectly for almost 2 years.  Then with a software update, the altitude quit working.  I've contacted Garmin and they follow a script of what to tell their customers.  No help there.  I'm now looking to switch brands.

  • Same problem here with inaccurate altimetry

    Seems like it may be related to this type of watch looking at the comments below?

    Overall my experience with the vivoactive 3 hs been well below other Garmin watches unfortunately

  • My Vivoactive 3 is  only 5 months old and neither the Altimeter or Barometer work at all. I only get stairs count during an activity outdoors using GPS. 

  • Can you try the different GPS settings for an activity? GPS gave me an elevation of 400 ft for a known elevation of 110 ft. I changed the setting in the activity (walking) to GPS +  Glosnass and the elevation then 'corrected' to 88ft - much closer to the real value. I then switched back to GPS only and the value shown during an activity has remained within 10 to 15 feet (negative) of the actual location. Please note that 'correct elevation' is very difficult to establish - try a few websites to check your own location and you will find that they can give values that vary (in my case) by 10 or 15 feet.

    Of course when you are NOT in an activity, the displayed elevation will bear no relation to your location. It goes up and down with barometric pressure from the displayed value from the last activity. Only when you start an activity will the elevation 'correct' itself to the value transmitted from  the GPS  Satellites.