Real battery life?

Hi, please can you someone tell me real battery life of Venu?

My wife wants to buy it, but I am afraid of battery drain.

Please some real experience with this setup:

- always on display, Pulse OX off, notification ON, 30 min of activity per day, approx. 30% backlight.

Thank you very much for your real experience.

  • My setup is different, but I can provide some figures for battery drain.

    I have backlight set to 10%, so setting to 30% will increase battery drain.

    I use built in watch face, notification ON, heart rate On and Pulse OX OFF.

    Sleep mode (display off) is 8 hrs per day

    Battery drain with AOD off, display activated by gesture, button press or double tap is around 2.2 hours per % and 2% drain for the 8 hours sleep. This gives a battery life of  around 8 days (no activities)

    GPS enabled activities drain the battery at 5% per hour. So 2 hours of activities is approximately 1 day less battery life.

    I have briefly tried AOD but found the battery drain at 1% per 30 minutes, led to a battery life of under 2 days. This I considered to be too short.

    CIQ watch faces I have tried have all have a higher battery drain than the built in watch faces.

    Not quite what you asked for, but it is my real experience.

  • 3 days tops if you do regular activities and listen music.

    Casual activities can lead to 4/5 days but without pulse ox