REQUESTS for Software Devs - Features we would like to see in the next SW Update (s)

So far I've been okay with the Venu, but I think we're missing opportunities. I've contacted support concerning the Auto Brightness not turning off and from what I was told (and posted) they are looking to fix it. Whether they do or not isn't up for discussion in this forum but I will put it on the list. What I'd like to put out there is and area about what features you would LIKE to see that you see on other watches out there.  If this is an active watch trying to be a smart watch, let's help out the process. I'm coming from the Samsung Galaxy Active series so here are some features I miss.

  • Auto-brightness fix
  • A less clunky interface - there are lags going between screens and sometimes hard pauses where the watch almost forgets what it's doing
  • Font opportunities, the stock font looks like it in from an old watch, this is a $400 watch with a great resolution it should look cleaner.
  • Ability to place a hand over the watch face and turn off the display say after text message
  • Check into why the watch randomly says "connected" even when it's connected, happens sometimes 3-4 times in a short amount of time, and it's doing nothing but chewing through battery.

AAaand go.