Sleep tracking accuracy

The sleep tracking on the Venu is waaaaay off for me. I like the watch, but the sleep analysis and accuracy makes me consider returning it. It often reports me going to sleep several hours before I actually go to bed. I've been wearing the Fitbit ionic and the Samsung Galaxy watch on my other wrist to compare and those 2 seem to be pretty spot on. The ionic is so precise I can actually use it as a diary of what happened during the night. I often have a hard time sleeping consistently and therefore wake up a lot. My awake times are reported to be around 45+- every night on the ionic and WA2 while the Venu says around 5mins. I know this is soooo wrong. Makes me question all the other details about deep sleep, light sleep and REM. Right now this part of the watch is just unusable.

Anyone with the same experience?  Is a fix coming?