Battery drain since 3.50: continuous heart rate monitoring

My Venu has been working perfectly until I installed version 3.50 . Every few days i get a big battery drain and I have no idea what the cause is. This is what happens:
- heart rate is above 140+ for a period of multiple hours (6 to 10 hours or more)
- body battery drains to 0
- minutes of acitvity per week increase with the same amount (1000 minutes per week is no exception)
- no sleep is recorded (i think because the Venu assumes that i am doing a workout)
- the heart rate monitor keeps measuring my pulse, even when i take my Venu off

So it seems the Venu thinks that I am doing a long activity. However, there is nog log of any activity in Garmin Connect and I can start an activity during this proces. 

I can end the battery drain by disabeling the heart rate monitor and rebooting the Venu. 

Any advice?

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    I have a similar problem. The battery discharges within half a day. Even when turned off, the watch consumes 4% battery.

    After contact with Garmin there is a defect of the Battery before and the clock is just exchanged free of charge.


    Ich habe ähnliches Problem. Der Akku entlädt sich innerhalb von einem halben Tag. Selbst im ausgeschalteten Zustand verbraucht die Uhr 4% Akku.

    Nach Kontakt mit Garmin liegt ein defekt der Battery vor und die Uhr wird gerade kostenlos ausgetauscht.