WiFi 0200 Error

Garmin is continuing to work to fully resolve the Wifi 0200 error that some users are seeing.  We expect to have a software update in the near future that fully resolves this for all impacted devices. 

In the meantime, we have a workaround that we can recommend.  This workaround will work on the following devices:

  • vívoactive 3 Music
  • vívoactive 4
  • Venu
  • Forerunner 645 Muisc
  • Fenix 5 + Series

To complete the workaround, use the following steps:

  1. Visit http://download.garmin.com/pub_cert/root_ca/general/general-ca-bundle2.pem
  2. Right click the page and select Save As
  3. Save the file to your desktop as general-ca-bundle.crt
  4. Connect your watch to the computer*
  5. Put the file in the Garmin folder
  6. Disconnect the watch from the computer and the file will install

This workaround will not work on Forerunner 245 Music, Forerunner 945, fenix 6 Series, or MARQ Series.  The fix for these devices is still in progress and expect to have public beta in the near future. 

*Mac users will need to use Android File Transfer to get your watch to go into mass storage.  You will need to fully Quit the Garmin Express program to run the Android File Transfer program. 

  • 7 months later and this problem still exists.

  • 7 months later and this problem still exists.

  • 7 months later and this problem still exists.

  • I've done a little experiment, and my garmin venu seems to work with 2.4ghz 802.11g networks, but won't work with 802.11n 2.4ghz or 5ghz.
    Not even asking for 5ghz support. Is wireless N too much to ask for from a product being sold in 2020?

  • I tried multiple options:

    - restart Venu

    - add network again

    - install certificate

    -disable 5Ghz Wi-Fi

    Everything is not solving problem.

    Finally I read test of . I set my AP to support 802.11g. Now I can connect to Internet.

    Why Venu is not working when Wi-Fi is configured to be working in 802.11b\g\n? Venu is first device which has such problem.

    Funny is that Garmin Connect says that Wi-Fi is successfully connected when I test in is app.

  • Unfortunately my vodafone cable router does not allow to change this setting. It is just Enable or Disable 2,4 GHz WIFI and set name and password, bandwidth and channel... Any other feedback from you guys? The cert workaround was not working 4me. So sad after running with music for a few weeks :-( 

  • Yep. This is the answer to this stupid problem. Venu can apparently only connect to 802.11g although in the app it says that it has successfully connected to Wi-Fi. It was only after I used my mobile phone as a hotspot that Venu started to connect to the internet. Is this a hardware issue? Are other Wi-Fi protocols not supported? That would be really stupid.

  • There are many routers in the market, dropping support for 802.11b and g, and quite frankly it is understandable. B and G have been around for 2 decades. N has been around for a full dacade now that even a cheapo aliexpress toy watch that costs 10 dollars now supports 802.11n  standard. GARMIN is selling flawed products and it is not interested in fixing the damage done to its users. If Apple had such an issue, recall orders or class action lawsuit would have taken place long long time ago.

  • You shouldn't have to do that. You obviously hid your SSID for security reasons and now you have to compromise just to get watch WiFi connectivity. I'd choose secure over watch connection. Update: Try again - I was just able to add my hidden WiFi network. Keep in mind, you can't connect at 5GHz, only 2.4GHz.

  • I have returned three VivoActive 3 watches due to bad wifi.....was about to send back this one as well until I used my phone Hotspot wifi to sucessfuly  download music from spotify (my primary reason for needing wifi).   Needed to of course add my Hotspot as a wifi network in the watch Connectivity settings.   I'd always thought it was a bad wifi radio in the watch.. this seems to prove it os an issue of what type of wifi the watch is trying to connect to.