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iOS: "No Phone Connection" message displayed on watch despite being paired and connected via Bluetooth

Just got a Venu 2 Plus and paired the watch to my iPhone 13 mini. Siri works for about an hour. Then when I press the shortcut button on the watch it says No Phone Connection. Watch syncs to Connect app just fine and getting phone notifications. I’ve already reset the watch and repaired it. Works again for about and hour then I get the same No Phone Message. Any ideas? 

  • This has been an ongoing issue with my Venu 2 Plus, it was working fine the first time I set it up. I can use Google assistant and can receive phone calls from the watch, now, for some reason, I kept getting a No Phone Connection error, and reading this forum, I was not alone in this debacle. I haven't had the time to troubleshoot the issue, but months went by, it did not resolve itself from the watch updates  it's unacceptable. We bought this watch for these other extra elements and it wasn't cheap, pls fix it Garmin!

    Watch version : 9.22

    Phone model : Samsung S20 Ultra

    Garmin Connect ver : 4.58.1

    Permission to view/access Garmin Connect: Yes

    6. Country: Philippines

  • yes email me

    [email protected]my venu 2 plus keeps saying no phone connection

  • Software version 11.21

    ios device


    yes, you can email me. 
    yes , you have permission to access garmin connect accountLebanon

  • Thanks. I restarted my watch and now Siri is working.

    1. What software version are you running on the watch? 13.14
    2. Are you using an Android or an iOS device? Android
    3. What is the Garmin Connect mobile app version? (Menu/More > Settings > Version) 4.68
    4. May we, if necessary, have permission to email you? Yes
    5. May we, if necessary, have permission to view/access your Garmin Connect account? Yes
    6. In what country do you live? Singapore