Vector 3 Pedal Wear at the Front

Hi All (and Garmin hopefully)...

Just yesterday I noticed I couldn't unclip my left cleat from my Vector 3 pedal.  When I say notice, I was pulling up to some traffic lights in the middle of London.... managed to get my right foot out just in time.  Could have been stupendously embarrassing!

Inspected the cleat and the pedal, checked the pedal tension (half way on both pedals).  Using Red Garmin cleats, relatively new, good condition.  The pedals are just over 1 year old - used 2-3 times per week.

Closer inspection I then found on the left pedal only, the front of the pedal is very worn where the front of the cleat connects.  Seems like when I try and twist to unclip, the front of the cleat has less pedal to purchase against and therefore the back of the pedal doesn't pop out but gets slightly stuck (only a few mm) by the back of the pedal.  Hope that makes sense.

This wear is a mystery to me - no crashes, impacts, or anything that would cause this,  I can only think it is wear over time?  I always knew the Vector 3 bodies were made from pretty cheap plastic from reviews but this amount of wear feels ridiculous... also, only on one pedal?  (Both are set to same tension).

Anyone else experienced this.  Anyone know a fix?  Is the only way to replace the body?