Pairing failed - Vector 3 iOS

Hi there

i am unable to pair my garmin vector 3 to my iPhone 11 pro

I had just received new vectors as a replacement for old pair

I upgraded firmware to the vectors to 3.80 on my garmin 530

my gcm version on my iPhone is the latest update from 5 days ago 4.31.2

I’ve tried disabling Bluetooth, restarting my phone, resetting, etc, etc  nothing seems to work

any suggestions?

  • I'm had this issue as well, but but what I did is first make sure my Garmin 530 (in my case) is on and that it is paired to the pedals via ANT+. If it's paired via BLE, remove those entries and re-pair with the ANT+ device codes. This will help later anyway. Then, while the pedals are visible to the head unit, then try the Bluetooth pairing via the iPhone. It took a few tries but it did work on my iPhone 11 connecting to the Garmin Connect app and I could check the firmware version and battery status.

    Good luck with it.