100% Left Pedal V3 compare V2


I have both V3 and V2 on different bikes. I have noticed on the L/R Balance with the V3 I get a number of 100% Left readings and no (or very few) 100% Right (as far as I can tell). These seem to correspond with zero cadence. Looking at Vector 2 L/R balance I get odd points at either 100% left or 100% right that seem to correspond to zero cadence, although there seem to be a few more 100% Left (maybe). Although on brief inspection it seems there are more of the V3 100% Left  that the 100% points on the V2, but I wouldn't put money on it. 

I don't know what causes these. I guess it could be when I return to pedalling after freewheeling. On a quick look they do seem to occur on descents (again no guarantee that this is always the case).

I have both V2 & V3 and overall power/NP/Cadence seem to be similar as far as I can tell.

Is there any reason why the V3 and the V2 should behave differently with respect to the 100% Left readings?


  • I’ve looked at my latest ride and can’t work out if the 100% Left is caused by dropouts or not. 

    While riding with 3s average bal displayed I get the 100% Left 0% Right sometimes even when I’ve not stopped peddling for some time. Possible that it’s an artefact of the way the average is calculated. 

    Any Garmin expertise available to advise on this?  

    I guess I'll have to contact Garmin support as no one on here seems to have anything similar. It doesn't look right so there might be something wrong Yesterdays and todays ride were similar - maybe more of the 100% L.