power changes after 3.8 update

Hi everyone,

I have two pair of V3 and recently updated them to the latest firmware. I have one pair on a bike that's set up more or less permanently in a Wahoo kickr. For years prior to the update, the V3 (both pair) reported consistently higher wattage than the Kickr on erg mode (approx 4%). Post update, the V3 is dead on or just below the kickr power. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this.

  • my Tacx neo 2 have lower power reading then my vector 3, thats normal, because both measures the power different, the v3 on the pedals and the smart trainer with his own system on totally different positions.

    Anyway, you could check, if something have changed during update like crank length on v3 or you use possible different weight settings true Garmin Connect and your kickr (don't know much about, but sure, you have a weight setting there)?