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New Vector 3 Bolt Failure: Request for information on torque specification & prevention from Garmin

Bought my pedals 10 days ago, on my morning commute the right pedal failed (see picture), essentially meaning I was no longer clipped in. The bolt that failed is a small Torx screw, that isn't common on multi-tools, so roadside repair is a no-go. 


2nd Link:

Local bike shop is going to replace the pedal. I'm not sure what advice to give, as the screw has blue loctite on the thread, so I suspect advising people to tighten their bolts could break the seal causing it to loosen later. I don't know what the torque specification is, so there's also a danger of stripping the plastic threads. Perhaps a dab of tipex so you can visually inspect to see if it's winding loose & daily inspection. Another option could be Loctite red, but that would mean the bolt is permanently fixed, I'm assuming there's a service reason it's not as-per Shimano (a non-threaded permanent bolt). 

Garmin - what is your advice to prevent this from happening, and what is the correct torque for this bolt?