Vector 3 not syncing correctly with GCM on IOS 13.2

When I install my new V3s to GCM on my iPhone 8 I follow the normal routine (add a device, enter pedal ID, sync with BT etc) and tap on the pedal icon with green connected dot and go into Device Settings for the first time it reads the pedals info correctly (reporting battery pedal IDs etc). However after I have closed GCM and gone back in the next time although it still shows the connected icon it will not read the Device Settings failing to report battery condition and showing zero pedal IDs etc. If I remove the V3s and reinstall the process repeats itself with GCM failing to read the pedal data after the first access. Resetting my phone and pedals and removing and reinstalling GCM does not fix the problem. Maybe a similar issue to some of the other recent IOS13 issues with Garmin devices?