Garmin Vector 3s - wrong readings


Having problems with the readings. I set up the pedals on my bike, which is on the in-door turbo. I did the FTP test (on zwift) using the pedals and the result was 253. All is fine, and been training on the turbo and the pedals are cranking the correct data for the last month. 

I take the pedals off one bike, and onto another for outdoor riding. Pair it with a wahoo, and i'm cruising along at an easy pace, doing 500 watts! I tried to calibrate the wahoo, but that failed. I gave up. 

I thought it was just wahoo, and I put the pedals back on the in-door trainer, and now that is giving me wrong readings - too high (cruising along at 340 watts when I know my FTP is 253). Really not sure what to do now. 

I've tried taking out battery and putting them back in - same thing. 

At a loss as to what to do really. any help?



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