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Garmin Support Chat stuck at ‘Retrieving Config – Please wait’

I have been trying to use the Chat feature in Garmin Support but I am not getting through. I have tried both Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows 7, and Edge and Chrome on Windows 10.  But in all cases I am stuck on a Landing Page window that says Retrieving Config – Please wait.

I had previously emailed Garmin Support on a power/cadence drop issue << Reference ID: 13982474K1 >> <Q#:1002456>, but I have not been getting any responses lately.

In the email thread above, I have attached photos of the inside of the battery compartments as requested.

I was also asked to do a test ride outdoors to demonstrate the power/cadence drops. As I live in an urban area, it is difficult for me to find a location to ride continuously.  Would riding circles on an outdoor running track suffice?

Please kindly respond.  Thanks.