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The exact moment I lost a bottle...

At some point in a weekend ride, I lost a bidon. It was in a side-load cage mounted UNDER my downtube.

At first, I thought I'd set it down while stopped for a drink but it dawned on me: I have the RCT715 recording full-time, I can just sift through videos!

It took a while but VLC Media Player was useful for high-speed scrubbing through clips without copying - just USB to PC (thanks to  for that tip). Turns out the bottle popped off after hitting some jarringly large bumps in a poorly maintained parking lot.

...and here's the exact moment it happened:

No dice finding it next day - likely picked up by someone or run over and destroyed. Nice Polar insulated too, not cheap.

Anyway, I mention this as it's not always sad moments the RCT715 captures - sometimes it's a useful tool for retracing your steps, or finding a lost item. The lost bottle is kind of funny in retrospect - video clip made me chuckle.

Video here: