data overlay some times works

HI i have bought the RCT715, and used it for the first time the other day,   when looking back at the footage   the  GPS and speed was on for some of my ride,  i turned the unit off at a cafe stop to save battery,  then turned it back on again  when we left,

the footage before the cafe has the GPS and speed overlay,  then after the cafe it does not.  is there a reason why that would be?

i have it paired to a edge 1040.


  • Hi,

    After a few experiments, it looks that the solution will come from our phone.
    The speed capture depends on GPS data, and I found out that the RCT715 only gets this data from a phone, not from my EDGE 520 bike computer.

    Therefore, as long as my camera remains connected to the VARIA application on the phone (display off to save the battery life), the data overlay always appears in the videos.

    Hope this will help!

    • Thks for the speed of reply Point leftThumbsup I use this radar on my 1040solar.,  and what I wash writing before and reading the overlay text under the radar rct715 it's saying if the radar doesn't find a GPS device it uses the app instead.
    • And yes you can be correct in you writing. 
    • But yesterday I did a 100km ride and as of now seeing the footage only in my home and outside my door is showing the GPS lock and speed. 
    • In the rest of the ride it didn't. 

    I remember that the ever first ride I did I had no problem with it. 

    And again, yes it is a phone issue. 

    Let me know if it solved your problem as my too. 

    ThksPoint leftThumbsup100

    Greetings from Amsterdam Thumbsup

  • I've just tried mine for the first time today. It recorded the overlays until I turned it off, from when I turned it back on to finishing my ride it showed no overlays at all. Quite frustrating. So, is the solution to have your phone and the Varia app open all the time you're riding to have the overlays showing? I'm sure I didn't have this open on the part of the ride where they did show...... so I'm guessing there must be some other reason?

  • It is a phone issue, the Varia app needs full access to the battery, so no battery optimization on the varia app.

    The Varia app needs the gps of the phone and if it turns off the gps is down and no overlay.

    I don't understand why the radar can not use the overlay for gps 1040 ?

    And don't forget to turn the overlay on in de varia app.

    Maybe some readers see this post again and share there experience with us.

    Let me know if this works for you to, have a great evening Slight smile


  • I have same issues since I purchased this product when it first came out til now even after update firmwares on both the viria and my 1030 plus

  • This issue has been  a problem to me since I purchased this product whe first came out. Any resolutions?

  • I don’t like the idea of connecting the Varia to cellphone when it’s already connected to the Garmin 1030 plus GPS. Any answer to this GARMIN?

  • So I don’t think it’s a phone issue. Mine recorded all data the other day when not connected to my phone. So I have no idea what’s going on but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!

  • I have this issue too. GPS and Speed overlay has never worked for me so following this thread.

    Will try leaving Varia app connected on my next ride as suggested but that kinda defeats the object as it should use the GPS in my 1030 Plus.

    Kinda baffling how 2 Garmin devices can’t talk to each other properly. 

  • Are you sure of this?  What head unit do you have?  Mine pretty conclusively only does GPS and Speed overlays when paired to my phone wiht the varia app open.