Where's the Front-Facing Version?

I'm surprised that a front-facing version wasn't released at the same time as the RCT715. I wouldn't expect it to have the radar function, but the benefits of a forward-facing camera seem obvious, and arguably greater than a rear-facing one. I'm surprised Garmin wasn't developing the two side-by-side, but if they were I would have expected a joint launch.

I'm sure we will see one eventually, but I'd guess that it's at least a year off (which is a bit disappointing). At least it will hopefully give Garmin chance to learn from RCT715 feedback and maybe incorporate things like 2.7/4K and imagine stabilisation.

  • Image stabilization might be nice, but 2.7/4K is probably overkill for a safety camera. That will make it unnecessarily expensive for most people, and lower battery life. I use a GoPro Hero 10 on the front of my bike, along with a Varia UT800 for light. I get about 2 hrs from the GoPro when recording 1080/30. That drops to about 75-90 mins for 2.7k/60 video.

    I would like to see a Varia front light/cam, and would sell my GoPro if they do one, but 1080p is good enough.

  • Yeah, 1080p would probably be sufficient with IS - and if it is then I guess any additional benefits of 2.7K might not outweigh the potential battery hit. I think compression will play a part here too, it's often the over-compression of dashcam images which make them useless rather than the actual resolution. I've had 1080p dashcams produce more useful images than some cheap 4k ones when it comes to essential detail, such as car number plates.

  • I'm running my front-facing GoPro at 1080/30 and the video is just fine.