Has anyone successfully gotten a 128gb card to work?

I've now used several different micro SD cards that are class 10 or better and 128gb, and none of them work. The camera continually has a flashing yellow LED for the camera status, and the Edge computer states there is a formatting issue with the sd card. I've successfully gotten smaller cards to work (32gb, 16gb).

Has anyone here actually gotten a 128gb card to work in the unit?

  • IIRC, I had the same issue with my Sandisk Extreme 64 GB. I had to format it on my Mac using the Disk Utility (I assumed Exfat was correct). After that the Varia app was able to format the card, and it used Fat32.

  • I found a 128gb Samsung Pro+ in my drawer and i remember it was from my old portable projector. It didn't work with the varia at first as it was formatted as exFAT. The max format for FAT32 (what the Varia recognizes) is up to 32GB only. The quick workaround is to use AOMEI Partition Assistant to format the 128gb to FAT32. Now works like a charm!

    My first post by the way... Hurraahh!

  • I just made another thread for formatting with the varia itself since I had this issue but could not mount the card on a PC to format.  I'll copy it over here for visibility. 

    To help anyone who can't format a large SD card:
    I tried SanDisk Extreme microSDXC 128GB
    Varia saw it as corrupt (as did my old card readers that apparently can't handle this type).

    I could not mount this on my windows machine.  it also showed as a corrupt drive. 

    I could not connect to my phone while the varia was in SD error mode, so the fix is:
    Boot the varia with original SD card, connect to varia app, pull the SD card out, insert the new larger card.
    Varia app will then tell you the card is corrupt and ask to format. Hit yes, and you should be good to go.

  • DATAPOINT: I was able to format and use a SanDisk Max Endurance 128GB microSD card.

    I followed guidance in thread to use the Varia app on an Android smartphone which took a few attempts to pair, first via Bluetooth Smart, followed by the “Join Varia WiFi Network”.

    First action once connected was updating the RCT715 firmware, which did take quite a while, and multiple attempts. Only once you have the latest firmware should you attempt to format the card, which still takes a couple or three attempts.

    At no point did I have to open the card access panel and remove or replace the card - I think that may be a red herring. Just keep at it until it takes.