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DC Rainmaker review

Garmin Varia Bike Camera Radar RCT715: In-Depth Review - YouTube

He REALLY doesn't like the camera, does he? It seems to do the job as a safety camera, spotting license plates, but he seems to want a GoPro with full image stabilization, hi-res and normal file structure.  I agree image stabilization would be a great thing to have, but it probably comes at the expense of battery life, and these gadgets are already running out of gas too quickly. 

He also trashes the usability through the phone app, and yeah, I get that, but you can still access the files from your computer, right? 

The 128gb card limit seems strange, but at low res and occasional recording, it's going to take a long time to fill up.

Mounting is a disappointment. I'd really like to see standard go-pro style mounting options, especially since this has already deviated from the normal Garmin quarter-turn standard. I'd also like to see a seat stay mounting option, since many of us have seat bags and more-powerful rear lights that are already taking up the real estate the RCT715 wants to use.

Battery life- why is it so difficult to get an answer for battery life on the Garmin Radar units that have a light with them? What is the Radar life with the light off?

Nothing said in the review seems to justify his overall trashing of the product.