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Saving/downloading current firmware before updating? And how to revert

Hi, I'm currently on 5.10 and can upgrade to 5.40 but I heard there are some issues. Well my 5.10 also has issues so I would like to try the new firmware but can I save or download the current firmware to revert it if needed?


  • @OnlyTwo, aren't you refering here to the specially crafted .RGN system image file that has to be flashed to the unit using an external updater program in case of a fully non-responding unit?
    I have used many Edge models (800, Touring, Explore, Explore 2) and never had problems with rollback to an older firmware version using the normal GUPDATE.GCD file that comes from Garmin while using Garmin Express. So, I don't understand what's going wrong with @8320953's Explore.

  • In your starting message you say you are on version 5.10 and consider to eventually upgrade to 5.40.
    Later on you tell that you have problems downgrading to 5.10. Did you upgrade to 5.40 in the meantime? If not, you are still on 5.10 and then I can understand that supplying a 5.10 version GUPDATE.GCD will have no effect.
    By the way, it is normal that the GUPDATE.GCD file is removed from the unit after processing. You don't have to - or should not - make it read-only.

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  • Yes sorry its a bit confusing. I have upgraded to 5.40 on my device.

    My friends device has strang issues so I wanted to try to downgrade to 5.10(its on 5.40)

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