Edge Explore 1000 Gets Confused Retracing Same Section Back

Most of my routes involve going out for 4-5 miles (sometimes further) on a road, going round some sort of loop, then retracing the same 4-5 miles back to the house at the end. So my courses often look like some sort of deformed tennis racket. So on a 50 mile course miles 1-5 follow the same route in reverse to miles 46-50.

My Edge Explore 1000 (SW:9.30 - latest) often gets confused when I'm on a section of road where the course is plotted in both directions, ie the first part and the end part. So I spend the first part of the ride with the Garmin beeping furiously and telling me to do a U-turn when I've only just started.

I can understand that the routing software must be very complicated, but surely if you are following a course (the unit knows which way round it goes) it should be able to work out that if I've done 3 miles I'm on the outbound part of the course rather than the inbound even though they are the same road.

I also get it when I have a course which crosses the same path later. So at a particular crossroads X I go straight across W-E, loop round for a few miles then come back to X but cross in a N-S direction. The Garmin sometimes tells me to turn W-S at the junction instead of straight across, which may be the quickest way back, but not the course I plotted.

Does anyone else get this?