Edge Explore 1000 Asks Me to Travel in the Opposite Direction of Course After Re-Join, No Navigation Text

I have a new-to-me Edge Explore 1000 running SW version 9.30 (up to date as of this posting). I have noticed 2 issues:

  1. If I travel off-course and then re-join the course, the unit recognizes that I am back on-course, but wants me to turn around (usually via a u-turn) and go in the opposite direction, even if I have passed through the point at which I left the course. It continues to display the remainder of the course. I have not followed the GPS directions to see what happens next, but I don't think I should be directed backwards. This has happened twice on the same course, but in different locations.
  2. I have turn guidance turned on, but the only navigation text that shows is the first instruction, it never updates unless I re-route, in which case the "new" first direction is the navigation text that gets frozen. I also never receive any alert "beeps" for upcoming turns.

I have the rerouting feature set to "prompted" though allowing or disallowing re-routes doesn't seem to impact the first issue.