Edge 530 in the year 2020 and Tempe Pair

Garmin, have you added tempe pairing to Edge 530 yet?  Many of the other posts I've seen dated to some time in 2019.

In other posts folks have commented that tempe pairing is unnecessary because the Edge has a built in thermometer.

My response is three fold, First, Garmin makes and sells the Tempe and I own two. So I have the capacity and would like to use what they sell on other ANT+ devices  from time to time.

Second, I ride in a mountainous area with a variety of sun and shade. The handlebar mounted bike computers absolutely do not register accurate temperatures under those conditions.

I often mount a tempe under my saddle (or in some other generally shady spot), resulting in a more consistent temperature reading.  This works on my vivoactive, but not on my Edge(s).