Explore 4.3 strange navigation behaviour

Just upgraded both our Edge Explores to 4.3

if I click on the where to button and type in an address (or select a previously found address) it doesn't even come close to routing me there. I am currently sitting in the house (not on a road) and i selected 2 addresses about 15km away. It calculated a route where the first is "exit to 81south" 128km.

then it listed 75 legs to get me back!

I tried the same on the second Explore and it generated the same route. 

I created a course from my address to the destination and it routes me straight there

I created a course from "current location" and I went back south in NY State, toured around a bit, up to Ogdensburg and back into Canada, down the back roads and trails back here and eventually for a round trip of 759.66 km

For giggles, I went out and stood in the middle of the road, made sure I was found there and created a new request to a similar destination  same long way around  

I've tried multiple destinations.  Unless I put a start address in I tour the world

anyone else seen similar?

  • Popularity Routing off

    Road Cycling

    Minimize Distance (!!!)

    Lock on Road

    avoidance has everything checked q

  • Someone please try this and see if your results are same

    create course

    from current location

    to anywhere 10-25 km away

    view map

    see if the route is reasonable or sends you all over

  • I cannot check now but I tried once and depens on which type of route calculation you select the route could be chaotic and without sense.

  •  tried routing to a known address 15 miles away.. The Edge Expore created a route with 14 turns. Google maps created a route wth 8 turns. The route was sort of out of the way, but not crazy like your results.

  • I updated to the 2019.10 maps at the same time as migrating to 4.3, and I did both our Explores, so I cannot isolate it to either the maps of the software. Both create the same course..

    I'm going to try to output the course or at least a screen shot of the route that it calculated and attach it here.

    I'm also having a friend who has not updated try the same scenario on the previous s/w as well.

    If I route from address to address - the created course is logical. It's only if I either use the where to function, or create a course starting at the current location.

    I am going to play some more as well.

  • More details

    I live in a rural area (Road type residential) and the house is 100m off the road. If I create road cycling routes either using Where To or Courses  in the house, results are illogical.

    See Test 1 screen shots 


    Changing the Routing to Mountain Biking and turning Lock on Road off does NOT change the outcome noticeably. I still visit Watertown, Syracuse and Ogdensburg on the way to the corner store.

    It I walk out and stand on the road or within 25m (but not 50m) of the road, then the results are what you would expect. Most direct route possible.

  • On the way to work, I made a detour into a field beside a secondary road.

    Using the same destination, same routing and avoidance settings, I tried again. Note my starting position 100m off the road.


    Results are exactly what I would expect. The Explore generates a course beginning at the closest point on the nearest road, and routes me the most logical way to the destination.


    So it seems to have something to do with class of road and distance from it. But then selecting Mountain Biking and having Lock on Road OFF should have not have resulted in a world tour.

  • One more learning

    When you list Current Location as a point on a course you are creating, current location is fixed to the location you were at when you added current location to the list of course points. If you move, it does not update itself to the location that you are at when you generate the course.

    While at home, I added course points including current location (my home) and the destination to create a course on the Garmin. After I got to the office, I re-generated the course with the same course points (current location, destination) and the output routed me from HOME to destination, not office to destination.

    Makes sense when you understand it, but not what I expected was going to happen. 

    That's why my initial test standing in the middle of our road failed - I was regenerating a course from current location to destination, and while I had relocated myself onto the road, the current location being used for course generation was fixed at my dining table.