Explore 4.3 strange navigation behaviour

Just upgraded both our Edge Explores to 4.3

if I click on the where to button and type in an address (or select a previously found address) it doesn't even come close to routing me there. I am currently sitting in the house (not on a road) and i selected 2 addresses about 15km away. It calculated a route where the first is "exit to 81south" 128km.

then it listed 75 legs to get me back!

I tried the same on the second Explore and it generated the same route. 

I created a course from my address to the destination and it routes me straight there

I created a course from "current location" and I went back south in NY State, toured around a bit, up to Ogdensburg and back into Canada, down the back roads and trails back here and eventually for a round trip of 759.66 km

For giggles, I went out and stood in the middle of the road, made sure I was found there and created a new request to a similar destination  same long way around  

I've tried multiple destinations.  Unless I put a start address in I tour the world

anyone else seen similar?