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Battery drain still present

Are you still experiencing battery drain with 8.06 update? My device still drops 3-5% a day when turned off or when in "sleep".

  • It is absolutely in-acceptable and it will damage the battery or make the battery life shorter. When devices with Lithium-Ion battery is not used for longer time, the battery level should be at 40-60%. Deep discharged battery for longer time is a battery killer. So in my case, i use the Edge Ex2 just in the season every second week.

  • I know it is not as it should be, but a simple and effective work-around is turning off sattelites (GPS, etc.) before turning off the device. I never have got battery issues with my EE2 with all the software versions it had upto version 9.07 now.
    If sleep mode or power off makes some difference in battery drain if sattelites are turned off, I don't know. I allways turn the device off. Why use sleep mode? Can imagine it may be useful if you stop using the device for several hours or alike, but for a dayly or longer usage scheme I see no benefit of using Sleep Mode.

  • I confirm that the workaround suggested does work. I kept It simpler by just switching in indoor mode before turn the power off. Less than 1% drain daily

  • Hi Guys,

    Do you still experience this battery drain?

    With the latest firmware 10.23 it appears that it has stopped for me. I turned off the device on 3rd of September with 93% of battery charge and I had 93% when I powered it up today (6th of September). Will observe further.

  • Hi, I confirm, no more battery drain. After 3 weeks of no usage only 4% lost.

  • Same for me. Firmware beta 10.14, then 10.24 (pre final 10.25): no battery drain in power off mode after 2-3 weeks. 

  • I can also confirm, in 10.23 in 4 week in off state battery drain 8%. This is not perfect but acceptable.