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810 rescue

I realise this is an obsolete device however seeking some guru help

i was given this device by a friend to investigate as it wasn’t connecting to GE, upon investigation I found that GarminDevice.xml is not getting created which GE and webupdater require to drive them. After trying numerous different things like creating an empty xml file, copying a gupdate file from a working 810 still nothing,

I even reformatted FAT16 the drive long and slow, it then creates all of the folder structure but still no GD.xml very strange, I have repeated this but still no further forward

Any gurus have any ideas or even firmware less than 6.30 I could try to resurrect device

  • Hi! I have an edge 810 and was unable to auto-upload any activities straight to mobile app (garmin connect) or through garmin express - as it was not recognised. Was working in the past but I guess the garmin os got corrupted. However managed to solve, you can try the following. 

    At first I removed the edge device from garmin devices (log in to garmin account), any bluetooth devices from phone and within garmin express. Then I factory reset, both from garmin menu and by formatting the whole disk space (fat 16, when detected as mass storage). I noticed that a file was never created by either formatting or resetting the device, the file was "GarminDevice.xml" - therefore I looked online to find a similar, edit and place within garmin folder (when detected as mass storage). you can grab such a file from here: 


    what to edit on this file. 

    You can open file on notepad (win) or textedit (Mac).  We need to edit few lines, the Part number, Software version, Description, Id. 

    Part number: part number of your device, it can be found HERE for Edge 810 is: 006-B1567-00

    Software version: 6.30

    Description: Edge 810 or your model in other cases

    Id: serial number that is displayed on the back of your garmin device.

    those lines are on top (most) and bottom of the XML file. 

    Save the final xml file and transfer it to Garmin directory. Then connect to pc and I guess Garmin Express will pick it up, update and finally will be able to upload both from garmin connect app Mobile and express PC.