I need help repairing a corrupted fit file

have a fit file that is corrupted. I tried to use the free online Fit File Tools to repair it, but had no luck. I downloaded the "Fit File Repair Tool" and it looks like it can repair the file, but I am not sure since it only makes corrections to the first half of the ride and then assigns default values to the remainder. Does anyone know of any other file repair tools? I'm at a bit of a loss and not sure I really want to drop $50 on the license for the "Fit File Repair Tool" only to find out it can't repair my whole workout. If someone has an idea or just wants to check out the corrupted file, its in my dropbox @ https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8s2yjmvhs4018d/2019-11-30-09-40-45.fit?dl=0 

I appreciate any help or direction.



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