Has 820 been abandoned?

I am looking back on the forum and seeing post from over 7 months ago acknowledging the Bluetooth connectivity issue. With so many independent posts, this is clearly a very widespread issue. My brother and I both are experiencing this after the update earlier this year.

I am no software engineer so my criticisms are without much weight usually, but I cannot understand at least 7 months later why this has not been fixed. It seems like this device has been completely abandoned after the new device was released earlier this summer. The most recent update was very minor and did not address this issue.

I want to stay within the Garmin ecosystem when I am ready to upgrade this device, but this issue is a big red flag to me. Non-functioning Bluetooth severely limits a large portion of the functionality such as live track, weather, uploading after your ride, and group track. Most of us are unlikely going to ride with our Wi-Fi hotspot enabled on our phone.

If you are looking at the new device as a fix for this, please consider this issue has been unresolved for at least 7 months and very well could appear on the new device too.