Complete sensor connection failures

Did a 6/7 hour ride yesterday and had very significant problems getting ANT+ sensors to reconnect resulting in substantial data loss. Has anyone else experienced this?

1. Varia - the Varia connection drops typically every 30 minutes or so. however, a simple side/bottom/right button press normally resolves this.

2. Lost di2 so that the hood buttons didn't work. I WAS able to reconnect by going into the sensor menu whilst riding and forcing a reconnection (it's hard not to press LAP multiple times when doing that, but that's another story)

3. stages g3 (power/cad), Garmin hrm-pro - I lost both and could find no way to reconnect including pausing the ride. I suppose I could have entirely stopped and saved the workout then opened a new one but didn't try that

notes: I had two coffee stops (c1 and c2 in the attached image) I did NOT have the device on autopause and it continued recording with the varia also pinging away as cars passed the cafe. The hrm-pro would have gone out of range when i went to the toilet but the stages g3 woudl obvisouly have been in contact range. stages g3 may have gone to sleep. the situation at the first coffee stop was identical but all sensrs that were attached at the start of the coffee stop were ok on restarting. each sensor loss was whilst riding.

  • For what it's worth I had the exact same problem.   Mid-ride all the sensors (HRM, Varia radar, and Assimo Favero pedals) disappeared.  Only thing working is GPS/Speed.  I decided to restart the Garmin and now I see a new message "Connectivity Software Loading" (which I've never seen).  Smartphone will no longer reconnect even after factory reset to Edge 540 solar.  Disappointing.

  • I had a similar issue; however, in my case the sensors dropped off and I was never able to connect Bluetooth, Ant or Wi-Fi ever again.  I suspect a complete failure of the wireless hardware.   In my case, I was instructed by support to provide the wireless FM Version which was registering as -1.

    The overall process was:

    1. Open support ticket.

    2. Provide debug files.

    3. Provide FW version.

    4. Send for a replacement device.

    Wireless FW Version (Menu>System>About>Copyright Info>Wireless FW Version)  

    Thankfully I also had an Edge 530+ which made it easier to demonstrate that the sensors were working.

    1. Enable ANT Logging(make sure Battery Save Mode is on)  
      1. From the Menu of the device, scroll down and select System.

      2. Select Display>Disable Auto Brightness.

      3. From the display settings, highlight and select Brightness.

      4. From within the brightness settings menu, long press the Lap key (bottom left button). 

      5. Select Fitness Logging.>Toggle ANT RX TX on.

      6. Press the START/STOP key to stop and discard the activity.

      7. Start another activity (please do at least) with the same sensors and phone connected.

      8. Save the activity when you are done.

    1. After you have saved the ride, send the Garmin folder and reply to this email letting us know that you have sent it. For instructions see Sending a Garmin Folder From a Device to Product Support.. Use Code XXXXX (Garmin support will provide a code).

    2. Let me know when the Garmin Folder has been sent.

      The net result is that Garmin is sending me a replacement at no cost, which is a good outcome.  The troubleshooting process with Garmin included sending debug files to Garmin.