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route color - change to green

The Lords prayer - dear God, please make Garmin change the route color to green - my old eyes can't clearly distinguish the magenta route among the other road colors in the tiny gps screen. Hollowed be thy name. Amen.

  • I use a 1030 and I'm not familiar with the 530. Are you saying that the profile colors are used as the color of the text? The only use of profile colors on the 1030 is in the icon on the home screen and the lines separating the data fields.

  • On a 530, the colour selected as the colour for the selected activity profile is the background colour for the field that you are selecting in the menu's and the text is either white or black text on that background. So basically, all the activity colours are of pastel shades apart from dark blue and white text on a pastel colour during the daytime does not stand out.

    Whilst riding on a day, I find that the only way to find the field that I want is to scroll through the other menus, and when I see it with black text on a white background to then scroll back one so it then becomes the  field that I want to select.

    I created some screenshots, but once again I find that the insert menu will not allow me to insert pictures as the option to do so is missing, AGAIN.

  • That's interesting. Perhaps since the 530 does not have a touch screen Garmin did things differently. Screen is very good on the 1030 and following a route has never been a problem. It does have it's own idiosyncrasies but not serious ones.

  • please make Garmin change the route color to green

    You can do it (or any other color you like)

    See this discussion for the "How-To"

  • Thanks for bringing this topic up L. Rouge! This seems like a really good lead, however the provided hack is described for the Edge 530. The associated files don't seem to be there on the Edge 520. Hopefully the smart guys in the thread know how to fix it on the 520 as well :-)

  • If you create your own maps you can use whatever colour scheme you prefer for them.  That is one way to get things looking good for yourself.