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Limited eTap data on 520 Plus

I was able to pair my eTap system with my 520 Plus. The gear related data seems to show correctly in the screens on the 520 Plus, But... there is only a single battery icon displayed. A search opf other threads showed a screen cap from an Edge 1030 that, under Settings > Sensors > 'eTap' > Sensor Details showed rows for left shifter, right shifter, front derailleur, and rear derailleur. Apparently you could navigate into each of these to see the battery level for each component. Under Sensor Details for the 520 Plus, the only think I see are my front & rear gears (allows you to change the # of teeth on the sprockets to match your setup). That's it.

Is the ability to look at individual eTap component battery status limited to the Edge 1030?
  • It should be there, but the Edge needs to be in communication with the eTap. The eTap has a very aggressive time out of only 30 seconds so make it is awake.
  • So, an update on this one: Yes, the Edge 520 Plus can connect with my 2018 11-speed eTap derailleurs and you can use the data field to display the gear combination. Unfortunately, the connection is not persistent and you only see the gear combination for a few seconds, then about 30 seconds of '0-0', then an annoying message and beep about 'sensor found' and the cycle repeats. Every. 30. Goddamn. Seconds. Not sure if this is a SRAM issue (probably), but it renders the integration useless.

    As to viewing battery status on the SRAM eTap components, I gave up on that as well. Maybe this stuff works on the 1030, but no way I'm paying to upgrade after dealing with the continuous pile of fail that my 520 Plus(es) have been.