Edge 25 compatibility with Garmin Cadence sensor 2

Hi all,

Not sure if this specific issue has been posted already, I can't see any reference to it...

I have an Edge 25 which came with the standard HRM strap (ANT+ not bluetooth) and have been using it perfectly outdoors and indoors, recording heart rate data only. I recently purchased a Garmin Cadence sensor 2 (cadence sensor only) and I'm using it, at the moment, indoors only.

So the cadence sensor pairs with the Edge 25 perfectly as does the HRM. I recorded an indoor ride this morning with only the HRM connected to the Edge 25 and the uploaded activity shows what it should i.e. ave and max HR. But I recorded an indoor ride yesterday, with Cadence and HRM sensors connected, and during the ride I see no activity, just zero's. But the uploaded activity does show the ave and max Cadence, I just dont see it when cycling. 

So when I start an indoor ride with both sensors connected and paired I notice two things:

  1. Firstly, the speed counter does not change, it stays at zero, obviously since there is no speed sensor. But there is no display or any reference to my cadence. So my first question is, should I be seeing anything cadence related whilst pedalling? Or is this just how the Edge 25 works...?
  2. Secondly, even thought my HRM is connected (with the cadence sensor connected), it does not show any BPM related activity whilst pedalling or after the activity is uploaded. Is this normal?

Thanks very much