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pop-up of new edge update, but I don have acces to garmin express

Hello Everybody,

I have a garmin edge 25, which I love to use. But the last couples of days a get a message that there is a new update to install.

I won't update through Garmin Connect, it states that I have to update it throug Garmin Express.

And here is the problem, I only have a chromebook, which isn suitable with Garmin Express. If I read the interent there used to be a workaround by downloading the update and put it in a folder on the device. But the upodate isn downloadable. O n the Garmin webisite there is only the message please install through Garmin Express.

My latest software version is 3.30. Is somebody able to send me the updated file?

If someone from Garmin is reading this, I think it is very bad Custoimer Experience, when itś mandatory to update a product throughj a mandatory system, when that specific system isn available for all platforms!

Thank you for your help!