Edge 25 - pairing multiple cadence sensors ??

I'm very new to the Garmin Edge 25 so please forgive me if this question is a bit simple minded.

I have two bikes. One of the bikes I have equipped with both cadence and speed sensors. The other one is an ebike and has its own speedometer built-in, so GPS derived speed is good enough, but I'd like to have cadence information from that bike as well. Can I just install a cadence sensor on that one and then have the Edge 25 boot up to use it without needing to delete the other one, and swap back automatically for another ride, etc?

Thanks for your help!
  • Hmm. Well, no responses. Perhaps it is something that just works and everyone knows. I dunno. I'll get a second cadence sensor, install it on my other bike, and then see how it behaves when I swap bikes. They're not so expensive as to make that a risky business. :)
  • The second cadence sensor arrived. I installed it on my 'other' bike and paired it with the Edge 25. Went for an 11 mile ride, worked perfectly.

    Back home, I turned off the Edge 25 and swapped it to 'prime' bike. I gave the sensor fifteen minutes to shut down, then powered up the Edge 25 and started riding the prime bike. The Edge 25 picked up the prime bike's cadence sensor and it gave me the proper readout for a 7 mile ride.

    Perfect, just what I was looking for. :)
  • Thanks for taking the time to help out . im having same issue. Second sensor not picking up