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Garmin Edge 25 paired with Giant RideSense sensor

Hey guys,

Just bought a new Edge 25 and I'm having issues getting it to work with my Giant RideSense cadence and speed sensor.

The sensor pairs with the Edge 25 as a Speed/Cadence senor but it never shows any reading or data. I've pulled the sensor and tried moving the magnets right next to the sensor. When the magnets pass by the sensor i can hear the sensor make a click sound so it appears to be functional? This sensor is from a used 2016 Giant Advanced 0 and the sensor has never been used the Edge 25 is brand new.

Is there a known issue with this sensor not working with this computer? I read on a forum some one said i'd need to pair this as a speed sensor then as a cadence senor. i can find anywhere how to do that.

Any thoughts?