Navigation Prompts on tight road

My navigation prompts at almost every switchback on a tight gravel road.  Is there a way (in the route creation, i would assume) to force my 130 to only tell me to turn where i tell it to tell me?

  • I have the same experience. My routes are planned by Strava (premium), GPX is exported and imported in Garmin Connect. You can only switch off Turn Prompts completely on the 130, there is no "Prompt on demand" option.

  • I plan my courses (routes) using RideWithGPS Premium which has an excellent (IMHO) planner.  It also has a very useful 'Review Cues' facility for checking, changing, deleting or adding new cues to the route.  The same edits can also be done manually.

  • I don't think the prompt problem can be solved by any planner. When the device encounters a switchback it will prompt even when there is no junction at all.

  • The device will only prompt in response to the cues contained in the course.  You can edit (delete) these cues using software, but suspect that may depend on how you created the course?

    I suggested RideWithGPS as it is what I use and am therefore familiar with.

  • I don't believe any planner can solve the prompt problem. Even if there is no junction, the gadget will prompt when it comes across a switchback. drift boss

  • How are you creating your courses?  With Garmin Connect?  I've never used GC for courses as I was used to using RideWithGPS.

    RideWithGPS has the facility to edit cues.  My Garmins (edge 130 and previously edge 25) will only give a turn prompt if a cue for it exists.  They do not (of themselves) know anything about my route or the junctions and switchbacks it might contain.  So I can produce courses with precisely tailored prompts.

    If you would like to send me a .fit file I will edit out any of the cues you wish (and add any new ones) and send back for your entertainment.