Battery life


I bought an edge 130 in August 2019 only 18 months ago. The battery will no longer charge and find this disappointing.  Can you offer any solution ?

  • This is a forum, provided by Garmin, it is not Garmins repair department...
    (Maybe they listen in, don't know)
    If you are in the EU, you have a 2 year warranty, that could help you out.

    I updated the battery of my 130. There is room for a bigger battery (or Garmin used too small a size).
    Updating the battery voids warranty, but it enabled me to have trips up to 7h in wintertime (14h in summer).
    The battery is $4 on Ali and a cellphone repair man could do the update, or you can do it yourself.
    I placed instructions in one of the other 130-battery-life topics.