Edge 130 pauses during ride and won't restart

Since I added a Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor (GSC10) I have noticed that the Edge130 pauses my ride part way.  Pressing the Start/Stop button re-starts momentarily but then immediately pauses again.  Occasionally it will re-start at some later point in the ride.  

Has anyone else had the issue and I wonder if it is because the GSC10 cadence sensor is old model - should I upgrade to version 2?

  • I have been using my Edge 130 paired with the GSC10 Speed/Cadence sensor for more than a year without ever experiencing the problem you described. My GSC10 sensor is probably close to 10 years old, I got it with my old Edge 705. I therefore do not think the sensor has to do with the problem you are experiencing.

  • Hi steynja. Many thanks for getting back to me.  I spoke to garmin yesterday and they told me to turn off auto-pause which I will try on my next ride.

  • Mine’s doing the same thing.  Did removing auto pause solve the problem? 

  • Hi, no the auto pause thing made no difference. It did seem to correspond to an area of poor mobile coverage meaning that is when the Edge lost the sensor connection and stalled. But doesn’t make sense really as sensor depends on Bluetooth not mobile signal obviously. I spoke with Garmin support again and they blamed sensor as it was the GS1 sensor and not the latest Mk 2 sensor. So I’ve disabled the sensor altogether and edge now works again but don’t really understand. 
    may get mk 2 sensor in the future - not sure as have had a few issues with Edge 130. 

  • Guess it's time to upgrade to Garmins Speedsensor 2. It works great with my Edge 130. Connecting can be done via ANT+ or Bluetooth, the last one seems to work better, more stable speed readings. Bluetooth has a much higher data transfer rate from the sensor to the Edge than ANT+. I'm using the Auto Pause option which works fine, it really only pauses when I completely stop (trafficlight for example). I have set the Wheel Size calibration to "Auto".

  • Hi, thanks for your response. Yes - I came to same conclusion - see what Father Christmas brings! 

  • I am having a similar problem with a new edge 130 +. It is connected with older cateye bluetooth sensors. Running these with the Cateye Computer there has never been this problem. I get the Garmins Speedsensor 2 in 2 days. Fingers fed!!!

  • Mount the Garmin Speedsensor 2 on the hub which is completely free from any magnets because it works using the earth magnetic field as a reference for counting wheel rotations. Turn the wheel for a couple of times to activate the sensor until the led on it blinks. Add the sensor to your device via Bluetooth, leave wheel size on Auto. Start a ride with not too many curves, after about half a kilometer your device will message that the wheel size is calibrated. After a few more km current speed reading becomes more stable. I'm satisfied with the unit.

    Note: when searching for the sensor, both BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and ANT+ will showup. My experience is that with BLE current speed readings are more stable.

  • In my personal experience, I've found it best practice to keep BLE for communication with my phone, and ANT+ for the sensors.
    I also got mixed results with autocalibration, so I set it manualy.