HR Data not showing up

I have a Edge 130 which worked perfectly for about a week, now it won’t display heart rate data in the data field or have any heart rate data in the workout. Took off for a ride this morning and it popped up a message to connect heart rate and I choose yes. Weird it acted like there was a new HR monitor or something. Anyway, I’ve removed it from the app and reset it multiple times and it will connect to the polar HR strap, but not get any data. HR strap works fine with my phone apps and my Concept2 rowing machine. Again, the Edge sees it, connects, but wont display or record any HR data. I’m bummed, just got this thing and was loving it...

  • Similar thing happened to me today. First 35 mins of the ride everything was fine then hr on 1030 went blank. I checked the sensor tab, reconnected but still blank, removed the hrm from the unit then reinstalled, connected but nothing showing on the unit. Weird. 

  • I have the same problem. Did it ever resolve? HRM was working fine then Garmin stopped recoding correctly. Was all over the place. HRM connects fine to other gear like iPhone and picks up every beat which suggests it is not a problem with the HRM or strap sensors either.

  • Same issue, HR worked great on the 130 then it stopped working in the 130, but when you go on the 130 you can find the HR monitor, and it shows it's paired.  Strava on Iphone sees it too and works with it.  It has been doing this for a while and interestingly it sometimes works and sometimes works for a while.  Garmin edge130 plus and Garmin HR monitor thought it would be seamless.

    Is there a solution??.....

  • I haven't found one. Three chest HRMs and two different Garmin devices and the same behavior. I loaded an app on my Apple watch that when connected to my iphone it broadcasts hr. Good enough for me.

  • I contact Garmin, they seemed happy enough to replace the device but the what if it happens again? So I have not replaced it yet. Seems there is a systemic issue but they offer no proper fix for it.

  • Hi there Tootalledh, I have an Apple watch. What is the name of the App you referred to? I would try that and see if it solves the problem. Currently I am just recording HR as a second record via Strava as an Indoor Ride or Workout but obviously cannot bring that in data into the primary record for the outdoor rides etc.