Cold Weather No Battery life

Since older topics which go up to 2 years back are not getting any attention even-though there are new posts I'll start new thread.

Two days ago I want for a ride at -1°C on Garmin there were 4 battery bars which I though will be good enough. After 18 minutes Garmin edge 130 shut off. After restart it shut of in a minute.
Later that day I fully charged it and went for a ride. This time it shut off in 25 minutes and battery was full!

I don't mind that much that regular battery life is far from 15hours. But although it barely freezing I'm not able to do even one hour ride (actually I'm not able to leave town before ti dies). My Garmin Edge 130 is only 4 month old.

I know similar issues have been brought up in the past. Despite reading through all the threads I was not able to find "official" reply/reasoning over this problem. And new posts are not getting any attention.


  • Question to Garmin FW developers:

    If the problem is that slowed chemistry in battery due to temperature makes device think there is no capacity in battery. Isn't it possible to interpolate the temperature reading with battery reading and compensate on theoretical battery capacity (slowed chemistry due to temperature doe not mean there is not sustainable capacity although lower then usual).

  • Similar issue here.  Was on a ride today between 32-35 degrees F and barely got 4 hours of battery life from a full charge.