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Changing Segment Goal and Racing Yourself


Recently I got the Garmin Edge 130 and I'm very happy about it. I'm only struggling with two things:

- I can't change Segment goals on my device. I can only select KOM and sometimes a friend that did the segment. I can't see my PR being listed, while I have done the segment multiple times as I can see my times on the Strava app. I just want to race my PR .....
- I even saw someone posting a photo of the Edge 130 that shows your PR and KOM while racing a segment, but I can't find out how to do that either.
- can you race your own ghost? As in race a past activity, where you can track and race your past performance? I can race a past activity but it is just a course to follow, not a race against your previous performance.

  • This link will help you with changing the settings for the Segment. Racing a Segment

    As for racing a previous activity, you will have to create a course from the activity using Garmin Connect. (Following a Course From Garmin Connect)

  • I'm having the exact same issue, did you find a way to race against your own PR?

  • I did not, the only way was to create a goal via the strava website and race that. 

    For some reason it only sync's KOM, friend & goal. It does not show my PR thus I can't select it. I tried deleting and re syncing but still doesn't sync my PR while I rode the route multiple times. 

  • Thank you for your response. However it does not show my PR, even though I did multiple runs and improved my PR every time. It just shows KOM, goal and when available my friends. I tried deleting and re syncing and it doesn't work. 

  • Not sure that answers the question.  That only shows how to follow a prior Course.

    The question is, how do you race against your own prior Course - and not against Strava Segments?

    Ex: am I riding ahead or behind my best time on this Course I ride every week??

  • Ok, so I ran into the same issue and found this old thread, myself, I’m new to Strava but still on an Edge 1000.

    Anyway, I have a private profile in Strava, so all activities are marked private and do not count towards segment classifications. Only I get to see PR and other medals, there’s no “public” record of my time on segments in that private activity. In Strava web for each segment I see a text label next to my avatar picture telling me “PR not available”.

    Therefor my PR is not synced to my Garmin and I can’t race my own previous time. Setting a goal however syncs, but is cumbersome if you want to just race against yourself.

    I changed the activity containining the segments i want to ride as public, and now my PR is marked in Strava web, and synced to the Edge 1000.

    So if you ride the same route a lot, and set a bunch of PR’s, then it is wise to mark that activity as public, so your new found PR’s are synced to your Edge and you can keep on racing your own best time.