1040 Drops Support for Varia Vision

Copying this from the Varia thread since it affects the 1040 directly.  For anyone affected, please make your voice heard to allow varia vision on the 1040. 


  • Like my new Edge 1040, nice upgrade from 830 for legibility of display.  Disappointed no Baria Vision support, although the Radar view feature does work with my RTL715 taillight.  Maybe Garmin could figure out some kind of Connect IQ workaround?

  • tu peux le connecter sur une montre fenix en paralelle 

  • Very disappointed. The VariaVision was not a cheap accessory and has worked flawlessly since I purchased it from Garmin less than 4 years ago. It likely wasn't a big money maker as a lot of riders might not opt for shelling out that amount of money for it. But, like many other devices, once you have used it, you feel vulnerable without it. How difficult would it have been to make it functional on the 1040? I doubt it would have been very difficult especially since I am sure it follows a similar code as the other devices Garmin makes that are compatible.  Now I will have to rethink my decision and consider returning my 1040 for just that reason.