v10 Indoor Training with target power (ERG) broken

I did a Indoor Ride using my Trainings which I created via Garmin Connect. The Trainings always refer to my target power zones. Until v10, it all worked well. I selected the training, pressed start and the Edge told the trainer how many watt's to setup.

With v10. This behaviour has changed. It now setups target grade instead of target power. I manually have to go to Training -> Indoor Trainer -> Set target power -> Enter value to get it working in ERG mode.

When the first segment is finished, until v9.5 it just sets the new target power value. With v10, it sets target grade again, this resulting in a complete wrong setup and I have to manually set the target power once again through the menu.

This is pretty useless now.

However, i saw in the Changelog for v9.5 it states:

Indoor Riding Improvements:
- Added the ability to set target grade in the context menu for Indoor Trainer Rides

Maybe this gets somehow forced in v10?

It's definitely reproducable. Below to the left is what should be setup, middle is what's actually getting set and to the right is the workout itself showing powerzones.


  • No they don’t read this forum as far as I know.  From what I found on this forum it needs to be submitted via https://www.garmin.com/en-US/forms/ideas/

    The more people that submit the better. Since others are having same problem I will submit a ticket. It would be nice if companies that create workouts like Trainer Road contact them as well. They probably would have more influence. 

  • I've filed a Support Case regarding this issue with Garmin a few Days ago. I now got the reply from garmin that this is a issue and that it already has been sent to the devs in USA to look into and that it'll get fixed in the software update. But as always, no estimate when this update will come.

  • I've been waiting over 6 months for them to fix a bugs they acknowledged with power & cadence drop-outs between the Neo2T/1030 & a bug where when you manually set a grade/power target every time a lap event is triggered the grade/target resets to 0%/100w.

    I hope they resolve your issue  a little quicker

  • Hope so as well. I'm actually quite a bit frustrated since my structured workout cannot be done and i really like doing my intervals indoors. It' hard to do them outdoors since there isn't a flat, long route nearby. Disappointed

  •  @

    Thanks to your posting I have created a workaround that'll allow the edge to use the ERG mode. I've copied one of my workouts and changed the power zone to custom zone and entered my values there, so that they match my defined power zones. When I then start the training, edge sets ERG mode and Trainer to the corresponding values. I'm super happy since I can proceed my structured workout as planned. Anyway, Garmin has to fix that since once my values change, I have to edit all of my trainings to reflecct the new values. That would be super annoying.

    Maybe useful for you as well.

    @Garmin Please fix this despite having a workaround.

  • Feiser-Karidnal great work and very much appreciate the work around. Is Garmin admitting there is a problem with v10 of firmware? I called Garmin Friday. First the tech stated it was problem with the workouts which I've been using forever with no issue. When I stated other people were having problems including workouts created by Trainer Roads he said they need to "update" their software to meet v10 requirements and all workouts need to be deleted then reloaded. Honestly I think the tech was just taking wild guesses, but clearly he was not having that Garmin could be at fault for the problem. 

  • I filed a support case and Garmin replied to me that this has been altered with the v10 update and that it already has been passed to the dev team in US to take a look at. But no ETA has been given when it'll be resolved.

  • Glad I could help you to keep training in the short term. Hopefully a permanent solution is forthcoming 

  • Have you had a response to your support case as of yet?

    I raised a case for target power not displaying for structured workouts 6th October and was told it was passed to the engineers. I have since chased 3 times and told that there is no ETA and they will contact when they have some news.

    I have been using for years structured workouts that are created by my coach in training peaks. As soon as my Garmin updated 'target power' stopped showing a figure. I've switched to using 'Target' for outdoor interval work but this only provides a range which is annoying especially when completing  HIIT training as you just want the figure to aim for.

    On the home trainer I utilise Zwift so the target power is not an issue as I am not controlling the SMART trainer through my Garmin.

  • You can try the latest Beta Update as this seems to be fixed there. Have a look at the changelog:

    - Fixed issues with grade, power, and resistance controls for smart trainers.